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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Engagement Session

Had a great time meeting and photographing Mindy & Travis.  Even though it rained on us - we still got some great shots. :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

I think I am back in Kansas, Toto

I thought I was in Oklahoma....but it feels like Kansas outside. I mean, the wind is blowing like crazy and it's like 5 degrees. I am not a fan of winter. Neither are my children. I guess we need to move to a warmer climate. The problem with that is my husband ENJOYS the winter weather aka...hunting season. But - the good news is that I have now learned how to build a fire in the fireplace and because of that, Natalie and I are snuggled up and warm. She is my little snugglebug.

I have been so busy since September with photos, that now I am actually able to breathe. That's how it is for me though. It's either feast or famine. Now that most people have their family portraits and Christmas cards made I will have plenty of downtime until March when senior pics start again. I hope to get some clutter cleaned out and possibly new furniture (please, Santa!!!). My house looks like a tornado hit it since I have been working, so now is the time to get organized (I hope).

Natalie turned 2 in November (the 5th) and I am in shock how fast time has flown. She is really growing up. She knows all her colors, 11 letters of the alphabet, and all her body parts. She is learning 3 syllable words and right now her favorites are "toilet paper, paper towel, and elephant". She likes to yell "toilet paper" through Wal-Mart when we get on that aisle. Then she yells "bobo, pee pee, toilet paper" and gets louder and louder. She is quite a little drama queen.

Lauren is ready to get started in the ultrasound program she starts in August. She is tired of high school. Weren't we all?! I am so glad she is focused and has a goal. It's going to be hard to see her move to Tulsa, but Natalie and I know the way well and we'll just have to visit often.

Well, the mailman is here and the dogs are chasing him, so I gotta go! XOXO -Steph

Monday, August 25, 2008

The End of Summer

Last week we had the most awesome weather. I loved that the high was around 80 degrees. It was so nice in the evening to sit on my porch with Natalie and watch her play. Our porch looks like Romper Room! We even opened our windows one night because it was only 69 outside! Today it is back to the usual humid, hot August days we are use to. I love the summer. Winter sends a feeling of dread over me. As the month passes us by - Can you believe it is the end of August? - I am happy for the upcoming fall days with the colorful leaves and cooler weather. I just hope this year we have a long fall and not one that lasts a few days before winter sets in.

Natalie and I went out early this a.m. to feed and water the animals. We have the most adorable puppies! They are my husband's registered bird dog puppies - but to me and Natalie - they are our babies. I had to bottle feed them for 2 weeks while their mother couldn't, so I am attached to them. I know he has to sell them - we don't need anymore dogs! - but they sure are cute.

Then we went to the garden and picked all the okra and squash. Our tomatoes are no more and we are covered up with jalepenos - I have no idea what to do with all of them! Natalie always has to dig in the dirt. She's helping her daddy she thinks. Unfortunately, she got too close to the okra plants as she was following me - and got stung by the plants. We both did. I'm use to it, but for poor Nattie is was awful. We had to run in and soak in the tub. Nothing seems to stop that stinging/itching feeling that the okra gives off.

As you can read, my life right now is pretty relaxed. Not much going on. I worked last night for an hour & a half. I didn't realize it until I was done - but I really needed that time alone. I had people with me having their portrait made, but I wasn't playing mom or wife. It's nice that I can get away to do that. Thank goodness Lauren can keep Natalie for me. She is a great big sister. There is 16 years between my girls, but they are close. Natalie misses Lauren so much when she ia at work/school. I think Lauren misses her just as much.

Well, I have laundry up to my eyes, dishes to wash, and a diaper to change. It never ends! But I'm glad to have the opportunity to be home. So now I have to go chase Natalie down......

Friday, August 22, 2008

A day in the life of....

My life is none too exciting these days, but to tell you the truth, that is the way I prefer it. I never would have dreamed that I would have ended up living north of Wewoka - in the country, no less - in a log cabin on 80 acres with cows, dogs, a cat, and whatever else walks up the driveway. Anyone that knows me - or did before 1998 - knows that I was a pure city girl. I always had my nails done, hair fixed, and did not get dirty. That all changed on my first date with my husband Keith.

Our first date consisted of going fishing at Holdenville Lake. I was like "what?!" I had no idea how to use an open-faced fishing reel, nor did I care to find out how. I knew nothing about fishing if I was not using a bobber (sp?) and sitting on the dock. I came to realize, if I wanted this man to like me (and I most certainly did! He is hot!) - I'd have to master this task of fishing. Well, I never mastered it - but I can do it! I even enjoy it. Good thing since it is my husband's favorite hobby!

I have changed so much since I got with Keith. A lot of it may have to do with maturity and growing up, but whatever the cause, it is for the better. Keith has no temper, is not easily provoked, listens instead of speaking, is honest, stable & true, and a hard worker. He is an awesome dad to Lauren and Natalie and a great husband to me. Having him in my life has made me more secure, patient (somewhat anyway!), and at ease with life in general. I don't stress out as much. We don't always agree but that's O.K. We just agree to disagree!

I finally graduated from college in 2005. Yeah - I know it took me forever to do it (I started the fall of 1988!) but at least I am done! I have an art degree with a minor in mass media. I am really into drawing, painting, and viewing art work. My passion for photography came from this. I always wanted to paint the perfect painting but needed a subject to do it. So I started taking photos. My photos became paintings/drawings, but before long, I realized how much more I enjoyed photography. I had been an artist for 20 years, but never found my niche (sp?). Suddenly I was hooked. Now my true passion is photography. I prefer portraits and landscapes. Before Natalie I worked all I could, but now I only work when her daddy is home or I can leave her with Lauren.

I stay home all day with little Natalie and am so glad I am able to. We feed the animals, work in our garden, play outside, and I spend the rest of the day chasing her. She will be 2 in November and it is killing me. I want her to stay little! Lauren turned 18 in August and it broke my heart. Where has my little brown eyed girl gone? She reminds me daily that she "is 18 and an adult" but I can't take it. She should be playing dress-up and in my makeup. It has passed by too quickly and I know this is what I have to face once again with Natalie.

Well, Spongebob is going off, so my 30 minutes of grownup time is over. Talk to you later! :) Steph